I am attending the University of Wisconsin--Madison in pursuit of a degree in journalism as well as a certificate in studio arts with emphasis on photography. This pursuit was founded in two of  my passions, photography and writing. I strive to write and photograph in a way that inspires beyond the capacity of wonderment and into action. I hope to inform in the purest sense of the word, bringing a new light to journalism practices. In my photography, I want to capture moments in a manner that they cannot possibly be forgotten. I aspire to capture things exactly how they transpired, without posing or instruction. With these goals in mind, I often choose to present my images in black and white, as I feel it portrays a moment without the clutter of color, which can take focus away from the moment itself.

There are three things I have always known and loved: horses, photography, and writing. It is not uncommon to have these three areas of my life collide and mingle, specifically horses and photography. I had the opportunity to attend a rodeo a few weeks ago, which is an atmosphere I am completely comfortable, yet also, very uncomfortable. Bringing my camera, I attempted to capture the story of the rodeo during the demonstrations as well as the many events. There is a great struggle between beast and man, yet also, a great respect. Not many understand this struggle and respect, and it cannot be explained in words. I hope that these images do what words cannot.

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